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Tree Tips: Classic vs. Realistic

When it comes to artificial Christmas trees, two types of tips are commonly used to construct a beautiful, lifelike appearance that closely resembles the real thing. Is one better than the other? Can you tell a huge difference? These are some common questions we receive about the tips used in our hand-crafted trees.


Let’s take a look at the key differences between classic tips and realistic tips.



Classic needles are crafted from flat strips of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), that are cut to closely mimic true tree foliage. From afar, most cannot tell a difference between these tips and the realistic tips. They are cut into long, flat rectangular shapes and then twisted between two strings of wire to form a tree branch. One main benefit of classic tips is the lower price point. As a very popular alternative to real Christmas trees, this is an inexpensive option that still offers the genuine appearance of a real tree.



Realistic needles are just what they sound like, slightly more realistic! These needles are made of PE (polyethylene) and are completely 3 dimensional, resulting in more life-like appearance than your average flat PVC needles. Due to the higher quality of PE Christmas trees, they are slightly more pricey than regular PVC trees, but well worth it if you’re after that “fresh from the field” Christmas tree appearance!


Equal in beauty, but constructed slightly different, you can’t go wrong with either choice or even a stunning blend of the two! Many of our Christmas trees offer a combination of realistic and classic tips so you can enjoy the benefits of both; resulting in a full and lifelike Christmas tree that is sure to enhance any Christmas setting and spark memories that last a lifetime.

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