Tree Buying Guide

Artificial Christmas Tree Buyer's Guide

Some of the best holiday memories are created when gathered around the Christmas tree. Think of this guide as your personal shopping assistant, as it will help you find the perfect tree for your space.

Let’s dive in!


Tree Size - Height and Width:

Before selecting your tree, it is recommended to first measure the space in which you wish to place it. Once you have determined the space’s measurements, you are ready to select the perfect height and width for your tree!

The height of our trees is measured from the floor (tree stand included) up to its (fully extended) top-most tip. Please remember that the tree stand is included in the height, and that there is an approximate 8-14 inches of space between the stand and the start of the tree!

When selecting the perfect tree height for your space, we recommend leaving a 6-12 inch clearance between your tree and the ceiling. This allows room for a tree topper to be added, should you wish to use one. However, as long as the measurements fit, the rest is truly up to personal preference!

Tree Height:

King of Christmas offers trees in a variety of heights, ranging from 3-15 feet!

3 Foot Trees: Our miniature 3 foot trees are typically used to adorn smaller areas such as bedrooms, table-tops and cozy spaces.

6-8 Foot Trees: Our 6-8 foot trees are typically used in standard sized rooms and spaces - this is a common height range.

8-10 Foot Trees: Our larger 8-10 foot trees are more appropriate to spaces with high ceilings.

12-15 Foot Trees: Our largest sized trees are considered Commercial items and make for a grand display in areas with sufficient space.

Tree Width:

The width of our trees (otherwise known as the diameter) is measured from one tip (on the bottom/widest section), straight across to its opposite tip. This measurement is for a fully shaped tree.

King of Christmas offers trees in a variety of widths which include our Full, Slim and Pencil silhouettes.

Full: Our full trees are a classic and fuller sized option, used for standard sized spaces.

Slim: Our slim trees offer the same high quality features as the full ones, however at a slightly narrower diameter intended for somewhat smaller spaces.

Pencil: Our Pencil trees have an even more narrow diameter (slightly tapered towards the top) and are best suited to a limited space setting or as secondary decor.


Needle Tips - Classic, Realistic and Premium:

King of Christmas takes pride in offering the highest caliber of life-like artificial trees on the market.

Our Classic, Realistic and Premium categories offer a variety of quality artificial trees, using inspiration from nature itself. What differentiates these tree categories are the materials from which they are made - PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and PE (Polyethylene).

Classic tips are manufactured from flat, paper-like strips of PVC material that have been cut and shaped to mimic the foliage on a live tree branch. These tip types lend to a more classic artificial tree look, while maintaining a budget friendly price tag.

Realistic tips are manufactured from a combination of PVC and PE - a heavy plastic-like material, printed via a 3-D mold to best replicate its real tree counterparts in nature.

The addition of PE gives the tips a more realistic and multi-dimensional appearance. Realistic trees are a top tier and balanced cost option for trees whose features offer very lifelike qualities.

Premium tips are also manufactured from a combination of PVC and PE. Our Premium trees differ from the Realistic ones in that they offer an even larger percentage of PE tips. Premium trees are considered the elite of our collections due to their exceptionally realistic appearance.

The PE tips in our Realistic and Premium trees are strategically placed towards the outer branches so that they are most exposed once shaped. The PVC tips act as ‘fillers’ and are mainly positioned toward the inner branches to give the tree a fuller appearance.

The percentage of PVC and PE will always be listed on each product page on our website (see Dimensions).


Tree Colors:

King of Christmas artificial trees come in an array of colors, ensuring a perfect tree for every style!

Green Trees: Our range of Green Trees reflect their pristine counterparts in nature.
Flocked Trees: The faux snow on our Flocked Trees resembles fresh snow adorning its foliage.
Duchess Trees: Our exquisite blue and pink Duchess Flock Trees offer a unique pop of color to the holiday season.


Tree Lights:

What better way to brighten up the holiday season than with some beautiful lighting for your tree! The lights on pre-lit, King of Christmas trees are intricately hand-woven throughout the tree branches, to minimize the appearance of wires while highlighting the lights themselves.

The strands are green in color to best camouflage them with the branches. Pre-lit flocked trees will include a dusting of flocking over the strands and bulbs to assist in blending them into the branches.

Many customers choose pre-lit trees as a more convenient option, while others select an unlit tree and prefer to explore other light options of their own.

Light Types: The lights used on King of Christmas items are:

  • Voltage: Low Voltage
  • Size: Micro
  • Bulb Type: LED
    (LED lights are energy efficient and have a lengthy lifespan of up to 25,000 hours!)
  • Replaceability: Non-Replaceable
    (If one bulb burns out, the remaining bulbs in its strand will remain lit)
  • Color: Warm White (and Multi-Color, on select trees)

Light Functions: Our pre-lit trees offer a unique set of 8 light functions. These functions are controlled by the user-friendly foot pedal and complimentary remote which comes with your tree.


Easy Assembly, Disassembly and Storage

As King of Christmas trees are designed with a hinged construction, setting up your tree has never been easier!

A hinged construction allows each branch to be secured to the tree pole with a branch pin. This lends to an ease of assembly, shaping, and disassembly processes.

The informative instruction manual that comes with each order, will provide a step by step guide on how to properly set up your tree. Each tree also comes with a complimentary storage bag and shaping gloves, for added convenience!

For further tree assembly, disassembly and shaping instructions, please click here.

Select trees offer a Quick-Shape feature, whose branches contain ‘pre-shaped’ qualities as they include memory wire within their construction. The memory wire enables the branches to fall into place more easily during assembly with less shaping time required.

Whether Quick-Shape or non-Quick-Shape, the branches of each King of Christmas tree are made with reinforced steel for high quality and longevity.


The King of Christmas Experience:

It is our vision to help you create lasting memories with your loved ones that ultimately drive our pursuit of excellence. From selecting your perfect tree to receiving it with our fast and free shipping, it is our hope to add a touch of holiday spirit to you and those around you.

When purchasing a King of Christmas product, you are buying true craftsmanship. Each tree is handmade to perfection, ensuring the highest level of quality and care.

As a commitment to our customers, King of Christmas offers a 2-year limited warranty for our (non clearance) trees. For further details and qualifications, please click here.

We hope that this guide was a helpful tool in your shopping experience. Please feel free to contact us here with any further questions, as our customer service team is always happy to assist you!