Assembling / Shaping Your Tree

Getting Started:

Your King of Christmas tree is sure to be around for some of the best holiday memories! Depending on the size of your tree (or even just to make for a fun experience with family and friends), another pair of hands may be needed in order to complete the tree setup.

Note: Any reference to wires or lighting only refers to pre-lit trees.

We also invite you to watch this short video, for step-by-step instructions on what to expect when receiving a King of Christmas tree.


Parts Needed for Tree Assembly and Shaping:

Please ensure that you have all the contents of your packaging:

  • Tree Sections
  • Tree Stand
  • Shaping Gloves
  • Foot Pedal; Wall Adapter; Remote (for pre-lit trees)
  • Instruction Manual
  • Storage Bag
  • Extra Branch Pins

Each section of your tree will include a tag, labeled with a letter.

The number of sections typically range between 3-5, depending on the size and style of tree.

You are able to check the product page of your tree on our website under ‘dimensions’, to confirm the number of sections.

The bottom section is labeled ‘A’, followed by sections ‘B’, ‘C’ and so on.

If your tree includes more than 3 sections, the next letters would be ‘D’, and then ‘E’.

Assembly Sections



Select the space where you wish to assemble your tree, ensuring it is on a level surface and near a power source.

Please handle all contents with care, so that your product may last from season to season.

If a ladder is utilized during the assembly process, please adhere to all ladder safety instructions.

Step 1:
Locate the folding metal tree stand and assemble it by separating its legs to form an ‘X’ shape. Place the stand in the space where you wish to assemble your tree, making sure it is on a level surface. Ensure that the eye-bolt is lightly placed into the stand opening, while still allowing room for the tree pole to enter.

assembly tree base

Step 2:
Locate section ‘A’, and remove the plastic protective cap which is on the bottom of its pole. (This cap can be saved and reused for storage, if desired.)

* Pre-lit trees: (Please refrain from unplugging/plugging any wires throughout the sections, as each section is pre-strung and connected directly to the power-pole.) Locate the plastic wrapping tucked underneath section ‘A’, containing your tree’s foot pedal and adapter.

Insert section ‘A’ into the stand. Do not force the pole, as it will slide seamlessly into place. (For Flocked trees, please ensure that there is no flocking within the poles, before inserting.)

To secure the tree section, ensure that the pole is straight and tighten the stand’s eye-bolt until contact is made with the pole.

If the tree section is not sitting straight, simply loosen the eye-bolt to adjust the pole accordingly and then re-tighten.

* Pre-lit trees: Ensure that the connections between the tree, foot pedal, and wall adapter are secure. Proceed to plug the cord (which is attached to section ‘A’) directly into an outlet and then press the foot-pedal to turn on the lights. This will cause the lights on the bottom section of your tree to illuminate.
* Pre-lit King of Christmas trees function properly when the electrical components are inserted into a 120-volt power outlet or a UL-approved extension cord/power strip (not included).

Step 3:
Locate section ‘B’, and insert it into section ‘A’. Repeat this step with section ‘C’ (and any remaining sections).

* Pre-lit trees: At this point, the entire tree should be illuminated. There is no need to connect any wires from section to section to illuminate your tree, as it contains a power pole. All the electricity needed to illuminate your Christmas tree will run through the center power pole at a low voltage for safety assurance.

Your tree is now fully assembled and ready for the shaping process!


Shaping Your King of Christmas Tree:

Shaping your King of Christmas tree for the first time, may require a few hours. This is because it was originally shipped in a compressed manner. The time will be well spent however, as the outcome will result in a full and beautifully shaped tree! Once initially shaped, your tree should retain much of its form from year to year!

We recommend wearing the provided complimentary shaping gloves while handling the tips and branches of your tree. Together with family and friends, the shaping portion of your tree’s assembly can be a fun and memory filled one!

Step 1: 
Remove any excess packing material from each tree section, and allow the branches to fall to their natural positions. If any branches are entangled, gently maneuver each branch up and out into its proper place.

* Pre-lit trees: Be sure to be mindful of and gentle with any entangled wires. If any wires are keeping a branch from falling into its natural position, carefully untangle them to allow the branch to fall into place. Please do not use force or tug at the wires, as this may cause damage to your light strands.

Step 2: 
Beginning from the bottom, please separate and shape each tip, starting from the tips nearest to the pole. Spread and fan each tip out into a natural position, whether upward, downward or apart. Keep doing this, as you work your way up through the branches and rows. Once finished, you are able to take a step back to assess the tree’s overall look and make any needed adjustments to its foliage (such as shifting branches to fill any gaps).

Please note, that the branches between sections may require additional shaping to seamlessly fill the natural transitions. However, don’t fret too much over spacing here, as your upcoming decor will help fill any natural and vacant space between the branches.

 ** If your tree is a ‘Quick Shape’ product, its memory wire will cause the branches to fall into shape more easily. However, shaping of the tips will still be required for aesthetic preference.

** Minimal shedding can be expected for a flocked Christmas tree during the assembly, disassembly and shaping process.

Watch a short video on ‘how to shape your artificial Christmas tree’.

A visual of how to know when your christmas tree is fully assembled.

Your tree is now ready to decorate and enjoy!



King of Christmas trees can be beautifully dressed in many styles of decor. Once your King of Christmas tree is assembled and shaped, it’s time to personalize it with the decor of your choosing!

To view the Tree Skirts, Ornament Sets and accessories which we offer, please click on the following link:


Storage and Care:

To ensure that your Christmas tree stays in great condition, it is important to care for and store it properly

Step 1: 
Please remove any added decorations from your tree as well as unplug any power sources.

Step 2: 
Carefully remove each section, starting from the top section and ending with the stand. (Larger trees may require multiple people for this step.)

Step 3: 
Gently shape the branches upwards toward the pole (similar to how they looked upon arrival).

Step 4:
Prepare your storage bag by opening it widely and carefully placing each section inside. Start by placing the largest section on one end of the bag followed by the second largest section, facing the opposite direction. Continue in the same manner, by placing the smallest sections and accessories in any remaining space.

Step 5:
Ensure that your tree is stored in a cool and dry environment, away from sunlight, excessive heat or moisture.