Warranty And Policies

King of Christmas products are covered under a 2 year, limited warranty, from the date of purchase (with an option to extend, via our website). Any structural damage to your tree is covered by said warranty. These damages include parts such as branches, hinges, and stands. Excluded from the warranty, are flocking, loose tips, minor shedding and isolated, burned out bulbs.
Any claim of structural damage must be followed up by a photo/video to our customer service team at help@kingofchristmas.com. Once the photo/video is received and deemed ‘defective’ by a KOC representative, your product (whether it may be a part, section, or full item) will be eligible to be replaced.
For any lighting complication, you must go through our troubleshooting process via phone call (877-224-0995) or email (help@kingofchristmas.com). A photo/video of said issue is required so a representative may best assist you in resolving the matter, per company guidelines.
Any damage to our wreaths and garlands is covered by the same aforementioned regulations under the limited, 2 year warranty. 

General wear and tear or any damage done by oneself due to misuse, negligence, etc. is not covered under said warranty. Please note that items are subject to change and can vary from season to season. If King of Christmas no longer has a particular product or model, you may have to wait for the item to be restocked the following season, or a replacement of equal/compatible value will be issued. King of Christmas is within their rights to determine whether any damage to an item is considered general wear and tear or structural, and indeed under warranty. King of Christmas is also within their rights to determine which products/parts are considered of equal/compatible value in terms of replacement items.
Our King of Christmas, limited warranty is only applicable to the original owner/purchaser of the item(s). Additionally, the limited warranty is not applicable to any KOC item purchased from an unauthorized seller.

Our King of Christmas warranty becomes void, upon any product being used outside of the U.S.. 

Clearance item purchases have a limited, 90 day warranty. All details of the 2 year limited warranty still apply, except that you are only allotted 90 days instead of 2 years.
All King of Christmas policies and warranties are subject to change. King of Christmas is within their rights to make any adjustments deemed necessary to
said warranties and policies.


King of Christmas products (**exclusions may apply) are eligible to be returned/exchanged within 30 days of the order being delivered.

Returns/exchanges can't be made after December 20th of that year (even if the order was delivered less than 30 days prior).

Any return/exchange must be in transit back to our facilities, by December 20th of that year to qualify.

All returned/exchanged items must first be approved by a KOC representative. King of Christmas may reject and/or assess new fees for any non-approved/ non-qualified returns or exchanges made. 

To initiate a return/exchange kindly reach out to a KOC representative via phone (877-224-0995) or email (help@kingofchristmas.com).

Although King of Christmas offers free shipping for all products (exclusions may apply), there is a shipping fee for returns. This fee is determined per item.

For exchanges, if the new order is of lesser value than the original one, a return fee will incur in the amount of half the original shipping fee. For exchanges of equal or greater value, there is no shipping fee.

Please note that larger trees/multiple box items will have an exceptionally higher shipping fee than smaller trees, due to their substantial size and weight.
**Unfortunately, we are not able to accept any returns/exchanges that are not in its original KOC packaging.
**Any “open box” items are final sale and not eligible for return/exchange.
**We do not accept returns/exchanges for trees 15ft and above.

Cancelation/Product Changes

We can accept cancelation/product change requests by email (help@kingofchristmas.com) within 20 minutes of your order being submitted. After 20 minutes, we are not able to fulfill any cancelation/product change request.

Address Changes

We can accept address change requests by email (help@kingofchristmas.com) within 20 minutes of your order being submitted. After 20 minutes, we are not able to fulfill any address changes.

Policies Updated October, 2021.
If you purchased your tree before the above-mentioned date and you have questions about your warranty, please contact our customer service team at any time.