To us, a Christmas tree symbolizes hope and the promise of warmth and togetherness for each and every home. The glowing lights around the tree, a gentle dusting of snowy white powder on the leaves, and the multicolored presents beneath the decorated Christmas tree all combine to create a feeling of warmth and an atmosphere of love for each family. That is why we have taken the time to create the most realistic looking trees that are a naturally beautiful addition to your Christmas decor. Our Christmas trees are available in both lit and unlit varieties and we also carry wreaths, garlands, and flocked Christmas trees.


Our Mission

At King of Christmas Trees, our goal is to continue expanding our reach by offering a wide selection of high-quality Christmas trees and decor at the most competitive prices available on the market. We maintain the highest standard of excellence with a focus on creating beautiful Christmas trees that are easy to erect, decorate, and personalize.


King of Christmas Trees has a goal of spreading as much joy as possible each holiday season. One of the ways we do this is through philanthropic giving. In 2017, we were able to donate thousands of Christmas trees in Houston, TX to underprivileged families and to those affected by the natural disaster, Hurricane Harvey. In 2018, we donated to families in Wilmington, NC after hurricane Florence. In addition, we also donated to victims of the fires which ravaged Northern California.