What do I do if one or more of my bulbs burn out?

We are happy to offer you replacement light strands for sale on our website.

How do you measure the height and width of each tree?

The height includes the stand and is measured from the floor to the tallest tip of the assembled tree. The width is measured from one end to the other at the widest point of the fully assembled tree (diameter). 

Do the trees widths vary?

Yes, King Of Christmas trees vary in width depending on the style of the tree. In addition, you can shape and fluff the tree to your liking.

What's the distance of the bottom branch from the floor?

That depends on how the tree is shaped, the bottom branches will be approximately 9"-14" inches from the floor.

Are King Of Christmas trees able to hang heavy ornaments?

Yes, all our trees are reinforced with steel and are outfitted to hold heavy ornaments.

Are King Of Christmas trees flame-retardant?

Yes, King Of Christmas treats all its trees with top-grade flame retardants.

How are lights attached to a pre-lit tree?

All of our lights are professionally hand-strung to minimize any appearance of wires.

Is it easy to assemble my King Of Christmas tree?

Yes, all of our trees are sent with instruction manuals for easy assembly. The complete unboxing and assembly process normally takes 1-2 hours including the shaping and fluffing of the branches.

What do I do if I need a broken part of my item replaced?

If your item is still covered under our 3 year limited warranty, please contact our customer service department at

If past the warranty, we are happy to offer you replacement pieces for sale on our website. Parts include: tree stands; foot pedal; dimmers; storage bags.

Where are our products manufactured?

Our products are manufactured in China

What type of lights do you use?

Our lights are warm white LED lights, with a life expectancy of 25,000 hours. If one bulb goes out, the rest of the strand will still remain lit.

What material is the flocking on your trees made of, and is it safe for children and pets?

Our flocking is made up of a cotton based material (similar to what is found inside of a stuffed animal), and is not toxic for children or pets.

What is the difference between the King, Queen and Prince flock trees?

The King and Queen trees contain a blend of PE and PVC, while the Prince tree is 100% PVC. The PE material tends to give the items a more realistic and unique look. However, the quality and beauty of the trees are the same throughout.

What do I do if I am experiencing an issue with my Christmas tree lights?

Contact our customer service department at

Can your trees be used outdoors?

Our trees are not meant to be used outdoors.

How much space is between the floor and the first row of branches?

The space between floor and tree varys, depending on the size of the tree, however it can be anywhere from 8-14 inches.

What is a Power Pole?

For trees without the Power Pole, each of its sections' wires must be connected to one another. Trees which include the power pole, already have these wires connected. It’s a matter of simple convenience, however the quality of the trees are the same!

What does quick shape mean?

Quick shape is when the branches have memory wire and need minimum effort to shape.


Is there free shipping on all King Of Christmas trees?

Yes, we offer free shipping on all of our products *Speciality items and larger trees might have additional shipping fees.

Do you provide tracking?

Yes, we include tracking for all our products

When will my order ship?

Orders placed before 10am will ship out same-day and between 10am-7pm will ship out next day. We use both express and ground shipping, the average ship time is 2-5 days depending on your location.

Where do you ship to?

Currently we ship exclusively to the US excluding Hawaii and Alaska. We are unable to ship to PO boxes. Please supply a physical mailing address when filling out your shipping information.

Which shipping carriers do we use?


Do we ship to P.O. boxes?

Unfortunately, we are not able to ship to P.O. boxes.

Order Inquiries:

Do we sell our items at any store locations?

At this time our products are only available for purchase on the King of Christmas website and Amazon.

Am I able to change the address my order was placed under?

We are able to make any address changes within ONE hour of your order being made (via a phone call or email). After the first hour, King of Christmas is not responsible for any address wrongly entered upon checkout.   

Am I able to change items if I already placed my order?

We are able to cancel your original order within ONE hour of it being made (via a phone call or email). This will then be followed by a KOC customer representative assisting you in placing your new order for the correct item! After the first hour, King of Christmas is not responsible for any items wrongly entered upon checkout. 

Am I able to cancel my order?

We are able to accept any cancelation request (via a phone call or email) within ONE hour of your order being created. After the first hour, we are not able to fulfill any cancelation request. You must either refuse the package upon delivery, or call your local FedEx provider and request for them not to deliver it. In this case, a fee will be deducted from your total refund. 


How do your coupons work, and do you price match for sales/promotions?

Coupons may be applied at checkout. Please note that only 1 coupon is able to be used towards a purchase. We are able to honor any discount and refund the difference to our customer within 7 days of any sale. From days 8-14, our customer may receive the discount amount via store credit.   

Do your items go on sale after Christmas?

Yes, we have a big after Christmas sale. 

What forms of payment do we accept?

Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express

Returns and Refunds:

Where am I refunded to, and how long until I see the refund on my end?

Your refund will go back onto the card or card's used for your original purchase. Please allow up to 1-2 business days for this to reflect on your end.

What is your return policy, and how do I return the item?

All King of Christmas products are able to be returned within 30 days of the order being made, AND as long as it is before December 24 of that year. To initiate a return process, please email with your name and order number. A King of Christmas representative will authorize a prepaid return label if within the above mentioned regulations. Please note that orders above $149 will incur a return shipping fee, that will vary based on the size of the tree. All returns MUST be authorized by a KOC representative, in order to be refunded once the item has arrived back at our KOC facilities. For more detailed information you can see our warranty page.

How do I return my item?

You may send an email to our customer service team at or call us at 877-224-0995 , requesting a return. Additionally, please provide the reason for your return. If within 30 days of purchase and before Christmas, a customer representative will go ahead and send you the return label via email.

What is your exchange policy?

All King of Christmas products are able to be exchanged within 30 days of the order being made. Please contact one of our customer service representatives via phone call or email to assist you in starting the exchange process.

Tree Storage and Assembly:

How do I store my tree?

Our KOC trees should be stored in its storage bag, and placed back in its original packaging. Please store in a cool, dry area.

How do I assemble and shape my tree?

You can find detailed instructions in the manual that came with your tree, and our instructional videos as well.

How do I disassemble my tree?

When disassembling the tree, use special care when removing the sections. Please make sure that all lights have been disconnected. When removing the sections, we suggest to have two people involved, one on either side of the tree. Once disassembled, shape the branches upwards, (similar to how they looked upon arrival) and then place it into the appropriate storage.