What is the Best Type of Christmas Tree?

There are lots of Christmas trees available out there to choose from. It depends on your choice and your preference. Some people want to install a green Christmas tree in order to feel the real essence of this holiday season while some prefer to become unique by choosing white and flock types of Christmas trees. Understanding the features of every kind will assist you to select the best Christmas tree to display. Even if choices vary from one place to another, it is all up to you to decide which one is suitable for you.

Flocked Christmas Trees

This type of Christmas tree is the trend of the holiday season because they offer the outdoor feel of the Christmas season indoors. Flocked Christmas trees are heavily flocked and the branches are totally covered with snow. Some are lightly frosted and the branches glisten with a hint of snow.

The snow is applied to flock Christmas trees, garland and wreaths under a heating process so that flocking is put to the branches firmly. Before, the snow will fall from the branches as it wasn’t set. However, through a heat process being utilized today, this is kept in a good state for a lot of years once stored well. This must be placed in a dry area with no light in order to preserve its look and condition.

There are lots of flocked Christmas trees available, causing a big challenge for the average shopper to select the best tree for their decoration. This kind of Christmas decoration is expensive, but it can be used over and over again with proper care.

Green Christmas Trees         

Even if artificial Christmas trees have become more popular throughout the years, particularly the pre-lit Christmas trees, for some, a tree made of plastic will never replace the grandeur and nostalgia of a green or genuine Christmas tree. As a matter of fact, the NCTA or National Christmas Tree Association estimates that thirty million households across the country still want to put their beautifully wrapped presents under a green Christmas tree this season and some of these trees will come from tree farms near their places.

Aside from that, purchasing a green Christmas tree from a local farmer not just ensures that you’ll get a fresh Christmas tree, but you will also give a chance to yourself to help the local economy, which is the best and most important thing.

White Christmas Trees

If you want a white Christmas or want to spend this holiday in a very special way, opting for a white Christmas tree is the best option. Although prone to dust and dirt, this will give a remarkable ambiance to your room. White Christmas trees signify purity and love and most of all, you can also put any Christmas decoration you want.

Regardless of what Christmas trees you select and the decorations you put, the most important thing is the true meaning of the Christmas season. It must be celebrated with love and affection for all the people around you.

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