Finding the Perfectly Sized Christmas Tree

Whether you have a towering entryway or a more compact setting, a welcoming family room or a bonus area for an extra tree, King of Christmas has the perfectly sized Christmas tree for you. From our popular 6-foot trees, all the way up to our monumental 15-foot masterpieces, you have a multitude of beautiful options to choose from. So, which one is right for you? While browsing, please keep in mind that all tree heights do include the stands for your convenience.


6 – 6.5 Foot

Designed to fit any home with an average ceiling height, this range is always a safe bet if you are leaning towards the shorter side.


7 – 7.5 Foot

A bestseller for a reason, our 7-foot trees are the perfect choice for homes with standard 8-foot to 9-foot ceilings.


8 Foot

Offers a stunning presence in rooms with higher ceilings.


9 Foot

A popular choice for homes with 10-foot ceilings.


10 Foot

Perfect showcasing those large ornaments in rooms with vaulted or higher ceilings.


12 Foot

An excellent choice for a towering entryway or a living room with soaring ceilings.


15 Foot

You want a grand display. This is your tree. And if you have the space, why not properly utilize it? Right?



Things to consider:


  • Tree Topper - Always leave approximately 12 inches from the top of your tree to the ceiling for your tree topper.


  • Furniture – Consider what furniture you are willing to move around in order to make room for your Christmas tree.


  • Safety – Remember to leave extra space around doorways, walkways, and heat sources to avoid accidents.


  • Power – Make sure your tree can fit in an area that has an electrical outlet for easy lighting and hidden cords.

Shop Our Best Selling Trees

Shop Our Best Selling Trees