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Hanging Wreaths and Garlands

If you’re like most of us, you’ve likely avoided hanging certain décor on the walls simply because of the holes and drilling required. That’s why we’ve put together 5 easy ways to hang your Christmas décor with zero permanent damage!


  1. Ribbon

There is a plethora of beautiful ribbon options available today. This makes for a stylish and unique way to hang your wreath. Have any spaces with a hook or nail already in place? Simply loop one end of the ribbon through the center of the wreath, and tie both ends of the ribbon with a knot. Then sit back and bask in your craftiness. 

  1. Wreath Hangers

Possibly the easiest way to instantly enjoy any new décor, an over-the-door wreath hangar has become a holiday essential. Simply place over the top of any door and hang the wreath from the hook. Some are even adjustable, allowing for perfect positioning of your wreath no matter what size it is.

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  1. Garland Hangers

Like wreath hangers, these are a great way to instantly hang Christmas décor on any single or double doors. Using spring tension, these hangers require no drilling or nails whatsoever. You simply mount it at the top of your doorway, adjust for the perfect width, and hang your garlands securely in place.


  1. Adhesive Hooks

Inexpensive and easily removable, adhesive hooks are a practical choice for hanging any wreaths and garlands.


For Wreaths:

Simply use two hooks to secure the top and bottom of the wreath.


For Garlands:

Line up several hooks with even spacing and fluff your garland to hide the hooks.


  1. Nylon Fishing Line

If you’re searching for a way to securely hang your garlands and wreaths with clean and minimal feel, transparent nylon fishing line is a highly effective solution. Hanging is simple:

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Hang Wreaths on Doors:

  • Place an adhesive hook on the inside of your door (facing downwards).
  • Loop one end of the line through the center of the wreath.
  • Knot both ends of the line together.
  • Hang wreath at your desired height.


Hang Garland on Bannisters:

  • Wrap the line around one end of the garland and the top of the banister.
  • Knot the cord in place.
  • Repeat at the other end.
  • Repeat in the center.
  • Fluff foliage to hide cord.


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