8' King Flock® Artificial Christmas Tree Unlit

  • 8 Feet Tall 56" Wide
  • Heavily flocked branches
  • Blend of realistic and classic needle tips
  • Hinged sections for easy setup
  • Tree height includes the tree stand
  • Includes metal tree stand (stainless steel), off-season storage bag, and protective gloves to shape your tree in style

Just admit it, we all know why you're here. You might have seen it at a friend's place, or perhaps your cousin won't quit it with how stunning theirs looks, or maybe you wanna see if all that Instagram hype is real. Without further ado, we present the coveted King Flock Tree. Whether you live in a warm climate, craving wintry vibes, or you just wanna experience a winter wonderland from the comfort of your living room while the weather outside is frightful. The King Flock Tree is a perfect choice this Christmas to soak up the holiday spirit.

The King Flock Christmas Tree is one of our premier signature trees. It features state of the art design with a blend of realistic tips (PE) and classic tips (PVC) resulting in a grand and beautiful hallmark Christmas tree. With heavily flocked tips, you can enjoy the look of freshly fallen snow adorning each branch of your tree. So let it snow this holiday season while sipping eggnog, and marvel at this wonderland masterpiece.

Tree Height

8 Foot



Light Type


Tree Shape








PE-PVC Percentage

35% PE - 65% PVC



Stand Size

32" x 32" x 10"

Pole Diameter


Needle Type

Realistic & Classic

Item Weight


Box Size

L58" x W17" x H18"

Box Weight


Customer Reviews

Based on 209 reviews
Oh Christmas Tree’

I’ve unboxed it and set it up after Christmas and it seems to be beautiful as if I was standing in front of a real live tree in the woods, it’s perfect beyond any other trees I’ve seen that were artificial. Would like to know if flock comes off how would u re-flock it tho?


Didn’t use the tree this year. But I did take it out and set it up. Looks great. Very happy.

King Flock Tree

I rarely write reviews, but I was so pleased with this purchase that I felt compelled to write one. I purchased the 8 Foot King Flock tree and it is is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! I can't say how much I love it, and so did my husband, children and everyone that visited our home. The branches are thick and full and there are no gaps in the tree whatsoever. I have never liked fake snow accents, but the flocking on this tree is beautiful. I have never had an artificial tree in my entire life and never dreamed that I would buy one. A friend of mine had purchased the Queen Flock tree and I fell in love with it when I saw it at her house. One tip I would give to potential buyers is that unless you want a more narrow tree, I recommend purchasing a minimum 8 foot tree (it is much fuller than the 7.5 foot tree - which I initially purchased and returned). My husband and I were shocked at how easy it was to put this tree up. It was beautiful from the moment we put it together, but show stopping after I spent about an hour adjusting the placement of the branches. This tree is excellent quality and I highly recommend it!!!

Horrible quality, nothing like picture

I ordered the 9' King Flock Tree with 1100 LED Lights. After eyeing these trees for the past year I finally decided this year I’d splurge and buy my forever tree. After a few hours of fluffing and getting it all set up, I took a step back and knew something was off..I received a 7.5’ or 8’ tree! It’s definitely not a 9’ and I’ve measured it a few times including the very top of the highest branch. It’s not what I ordered. Secondly the quality is not at all what I was expecting and it’s not as full as I imagined it being, I can see through the entire tree. It doesn’t look anything like the picture from your website!! I’m pretty disappointed. I ended up returning my tree.

I also ordered the 7' Prince Flock Pencil Tree before I received my first tree (which was a mistake). While taking it out of the box 2 branch tips where laying in the box, I let it go and continued to put the tree together, as I was doing so 4 more branch tips fell off!! I could handle 2 but 6 total is ridiculous! I just stopped what I was doing and left the tree alone for the night. I later tried fluffing it again and 2 or 3 more branch tips came off! Now there is a few bare spots in my tree. This shouldn’t happen right out of the box. Makes me wonder how long this tree will last me. This is my first time ordering from this site and with both trees being wrong/damaged I’m just really disappointed. I spent a lot on these “high quality” trees and I expected a lot more! Sadly I’m not impressed with these trees and I really wanted to be. I tried exchanging my pencil tree thinking maybe I just got a defective one but sadly they were sold out so now I’m stuck with a brand new damaged tree. I asked if they could send me a new one next Christmas when they are stocked up again and I got no reply back

Beautiful Flocked Tree

This beautiful flocked tree is a MUST HAVE in any household!!! I've always dreamed of a Christmas Tree like this and it was worth every penny, even my husband loves this flocked tree!
I thought i wanted to have a 6.5 ft but changed my mind last minute and went for a 7.5 and to be honest i was so surprised how big it was and thought oh man should i have gone for the 6.5 instead but I am one to never exchange especially online. Nonetheless I grew to love this beautiful flocked tree and i get so many compliments from our guests. So lesson learn to do measurements where you want your xmas tree because theirs full and medium to skinny xmas trees. But once again whatever you will choose I promise you will love it cause it's truly manufactured beautifully!

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